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Disappointed - new laptop is not as fast as I was expecting, I thought being a 3gb

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couture1 Sat 21-Feb-09 22:48:53

it would be faster but its not. What can I do if anything to speed it up a bit?

CactusJack Sat 21-Feb-09 22:51:57

am sure that the GB is the space ion the drive and its the RAM that is the speed of a computer

hifi Sat 21-Feb-09 23:51:50

we had the same, apparently ours had vista and it is slow. dh has had it swapped to windows xp and its faster.

lou031205 Sat 21-Feb-09 23:55:06

couture1 the GB just refers to how much space you have to store files and programmes.

The processor speed is what determines how fast it runs.

RustyBear Sun 22-Feb-09 00:54:39

3Gb will be the size of the RAM, not the storage space for files & programs - I'd expect that to be 100Gb or more.
The processor speed will be given in Ghz (gigahertz) - 2.0Ghz or more is common these days.

But the speed of the computer depends on both the processor speed and the amount of RAM - the higher the processor speed, the more instructions the computer can process per second, RAM is the temporary storage place for your computers information. If all your usable memory gets filled up, the computer will then start storing temporary data on to your hard drive in something called a swap file - and retrieving data from there is slower than from RAM.

3Gb is quite good though, even for running Vista - my laptop's OK even with only 2Gb RAM & 1.67 Ghz processor, but then I don't do a lot of intensive games.

paddingtonbear1 Sun 22-Feb-09 01:00:42

mine is a decent laptop, and has 2gb - Vista kinda kills it though. Xp is faster!

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