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can I make my printer/fax wireless?

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BigTeuchLittleTeuch Fri 20-Feb-09 11:45:47

Can I get a dongle or something, that can make my HP all-in-one (printer/fax) wireless?

Or do I need a proper wireless printer?

onagar Fri 20-Feb-09 12:44:56

I'm fairly sure not if it is a standard printer. Though with new things coming out all the time I could be wrong.

Need it be wireless? if you have it connected to one PC the others can all share it. Even a wireless laptop can use it. The PC the printer is connected to must be switched on though which I agree is a drawback.

Is this what you are looking for?

BigTeuchLittleTeuch Mon 23-Feb-09 16:55:31

that looks interesting, thanks!

I've not managed to set up a home network yet...3 laptops and a bt router? That should be possible, right?

ANyway, maybe that's another thread...

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