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Help opening a word doc sent from a Mac

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SuperBunny Sat 20-Sep-08 05:01:18

I am using a PC (with Vista) and need to open 3 attachments. They say, 'no name' on the email and when I download them, they open in Word but as gobbledigook. The PDF and Excel attachemnts open without a problem.

What can I do?


squigglywig Sat 20-Sep-08 06:44:27

This is what I use, it's a gmail issue when coming from a mac.

SuperBunny Sat 20-Sep-08 07:03:24

Ooo, thanks squiggly. All sorted now. I didn't realise it was a known problem with gmail. V annoying but am glad it was easy to sort out. Thank you for helping smile

squigglywig Sat 20-Sep-08 07:04:13

Glad it's fixed smile

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