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iPod issues - laptop died and all of iTunes gone ...

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anotherbadnight Tue 15-Jul-08 21:59:21

all my music is still on my iPod but today I tried to put a couple of CDs on iTunes (which I have had to start again from scratch - it's empty apart from the ones I put on today) and it said I couldn't 'sync' to my iPod. I am scared I am going to lose everything on my iPod if I change any of the settings - it did offer me the chance to restore my old systems but said this would wipe my iPod clean! What do I do?!

vonsudenfed Wed 16-Jul-08 01:53:09

There is a utility somewhere on the web which will reverse iTunes and let it download stuff from your iPod - a search will probably sort it for you, but if not I will ask DH (who knows about iPods!) tomorrow.

Um, and next time, back up your hard disk... wink

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