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text msg sent to home phone

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JeSuisLeLoup Sun 12-Aug-07 19:44:51

This afternoon, someone sent me a text to my home phone. The phone rang & the lady who does 1471 kindly read out the msg for me. But how do I find it again as I didn't write down the phone number? I 've tried 1571 & it's not there

Anyone know?? Thanks

Im on Virgin Media & ive tried to ask them but they were no help, quelle surprise.

GoingThroughChanges Sun 12-Aug-07 19:50:28

If you do 1471 & it was the last phonecall you had, it should be able to give you the number that called you. Then dial it & you will hear the message again!

Is it Laloop?

JeSuisLeLoup Sun 12-Aug-07 19:57:00

Thanks GTC but someone else has phoned me so it's no longer the last number.

Ha ha no its not Laloop but I feel like Im going round the loop. I seem to break every piece of technology I touch at the mo. Watch out Mumsnet website!

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