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Any decent apps for parental security for dc phone?

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Purplerainbow Thu 11-May-17 06:00:44

Have got almost 11 year old first phone, just a cheap android. It's obviously internet enabled. Security is rubbish on it though. EE have put the 'won't allow anything over 18' block on it but I'm concerned he has free reign on the internet/you tube etc. I'm not great with tech so I went back to store and they said the only thing I can do is install an app for parents to block inappropriate searches etc... theyvsaid instal mmagaurdian but I'm having a nightmare with it. Can anyone suggest something that works? I'm paying £10 a month for this instead of keep topping up so unlimited texts etc but the internet worries me. He has an iPad an security is great and it has restrictions on and everything needs a paaaword from me to download apps etc. Can anyone help?? I'm supposed to give it to him after school as a ceeyvmuch deserved post sats present!!!

Purplerainbow Thu 11-May-17 08:29:54

ANyone?? Iv had to delete the mmagaurdian one as it was somehow restricting my phone aswell as his!!

fuzzylogic72 Fri 19-May-17 21:41:55

Honestly. Don't bother. Better just highlighting pitfalls what's bad, what's good. My DCs have no security I just keep a vague eye out and remind them now and again.

Besides it doesn't take kids long nowadays to circumvent these things giving you a fall sense of security.

Better to tell the kids the railway line is dangerous rather than put a brick wall in front of it and for them to build a tunnel with no clue with what's on the other side.

lilywillywoo Mon 29-May-17 19:08:32

Screentime is great, you can block individual apps, pause the internet, set times, block use during school time. Daughter hates itgrin

MarciaBlaine Mon 29-May-17 19:33:31

I talked ad infinitum about never posting ANY personal info on line, nor ever sharing "anything granny wouldn't be happen to read/see on the internet" as it is there forever. Beyond that, I keep a loose eye, monitor accounts, friends etc. There will always be someone with no restrictions that will share stuff. Better educating them on the risks than banning stuff.

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