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Problems with keyboard, can you help please?

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squirrel3 Wed 28-Feb-07 10:51:49

My computer went drastically wrong several months ago (windows was damaged) so I had to re-install windows and ever since my keyboard is set to (I think) American.

I can't get a pound sign, I get #. My @ sign is above the 2 and the " sign is above the '.

Well, you get the picture, I have gone into control panel, regional and language and re-set it to uk but its not made any difference, what am I doing wrong? I know it must be something simple but it is driving me to distraction, any suggestions? TIA

zephyrcat Wed 28-Feb-07 10:53:52

I had that as well and ended up getting a new kyboard because it drove me mad!!

I think there is a way to change it... will check and get back to you if no one does beforehand

throckenholt Wed 28-Feb-07 10:54:01

does this help ?


Close all applications.
* Select Start | Settings | Control Panel | Keyboard. Select the Input Locales tab and, in the list below Input Language click on EN English (United States) to highlight it.
* Click the Remove button.
* Ensure EN English (United Kingdom) is the only keyboard installed. Click on OK.

If you wish to retain the option to use the English (US) keyboard setting, follow the procedure below:

* Close all applications.
* Click on the blue EN button in the system tray on the bottom right hand corner of the screen.
* Select EN English (United Kingdom).

keyboard Wed 28-Feb-07 11:00:33

I thought you just plugged it in and it worked!

Good job dh sorts all that stuff out for me

squirrel3 Wed 28-Feb-07 11:01:55

All sorted! Thank you.

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