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Do I need to restore from backup (iPhone)?

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HNY2017 Wed 01-Feb-17 20:24:13

My last full backup was from my old phone just before xmas. I then had a temporary phone which didn't have enough room for me to do a restore so I didn't.

I've now got a permanent phone again and can see all my photos etc on iCloud. Do I still need to bother doing a restore from the pre-xmas original phone or can I just download any apps etc that I used? It's mainly photos I'm bothered about....

HNY2017 Thu 02-Feb-17 05:58:55


Lessthanaballpark Thu 02-Feb-17 06:21:50

I would say it depends how many apps you have on the old one

If you're signed into your new phone with the correct Apple ID (which you obviously are) you should be able to see your previously downloaded and purchased apps and then you select to download the ones you want anyway. So that might be sufficient.

And banking/kindle/audible apps you'll have to deregister from the old device.

If you decide to do a full backup and have a computer/laptop it's apparently quicker to use iTunes for backing up than iCloud.

When I transferred my old Android to new phone it did have a lot of built-up crap that I didn't need anymore and so it's good to have a clear out and start with only the apps you use.

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