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How do I unshadow a Google mail account please?

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Celeriacacaca Sun 02-Oct-16 13:05:14

Several years ago, when DD was younger and had set up her first email account, I set it up so that I would get copies of all her emails, in and out. Now I want to stop this. Would this be set up in her account settings or mine, and where do I find the setting to change please?

lazydog Mon 03-Oct-16 05:34:20

You probably just set up forwarding under her account settings.

That'd be under:

Settings -> Fowarding and POP/IMAP

Re: Outgoing messages - I'm afraid I have no idea how you'd be implementing what is basically automatic BCC, as I was under the impression that's not possible with Gmail.

Celeriacacaca Mon 03-Oct-16 20:58:39

Thank you. I was wrong on the outgoing. It was just incoming. Thanks again for your help.

lazydog Mon 03-Oct-16 21:14:16

No problem smile

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