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Is 15gb per month enough ?

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LassWiTheDelicateAir Sat 23-Jan-16 01:37:45

Our broadband is via a BT landline which with line rental is about £35 per month. I have a separate mobile broadband contract with 3 which I took out for my son in a shared flat which gives 15gb for £16 per month. He doesn't need it and I've never got round to cancelling it.

We don't use the landline phone for anything other than the broadband.

There are 2 adults in the house. We don't use Spotify or Netflix and don't play games. We do use BBC iplayer.

Is 15gb per month enough? I'd like to cancel the BT contract. I also get 4gb per month on my phone contract.

Trumpton Sat 23-Jan-16 01:49:05

You should be able to see how much broadband you are using from your previous bills.
I know we use about 120gb a month . I use it for iplayer but not films but there are 5 adults who use it.
I would struggle on 19 .

LassWiTheDelicateAir Sat 23-Jan-16 02:06:31

BT bills don't have an option of showing how much you use. It's an unlimited rate- the account has no information about usage.

I do know when it was a limited BT account it was quite a low figure and we occasionally, but not regularly, went over. It was nowhere near 120gb

Trumpton Sat 23-Jan-16 07:42:00

Ok , my bills don't have that info either ( I went to look after I suggested that ! )
But I went into the shop with id and details and they were able to tell me about how much I used.

The only other way I can think is to try and use ONLY the 15 gb for a typical week resetting the usage at the start of the week and seeing how much you use then multiply by 4 .

Trumpton Sat 23-Jan-16 07:44:29

LassWiTheDelicateAir Sun 24-Jan-16 04:39:55

Thanks Trumpton. I switched off the BT router and switched on 3's mobile. The 3 gadget has a dash board and you can tell from that and on 3's website what is being used. From 1/2 day's monitoring it won't be enough.

I had actually cancelled the 3 contract and then changed my mind. 3's customer service is pretty good and I had an exchange of email with them. They knew what I was doing and they didn't think it was a viable alternative to landline broadband. That seemed honest as they were told I have no need of this contract unless it is.

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