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Has anyone ordered an iPhone 6/+?

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ShelaghTurner Sat 13-Sep-14 18:50:40

Or is it only me?

Very excited for Friday, hopefully!

knackeredknitter Thu 18-Sep-14 21:27:27

Me! But sshhh don't tell anyone smile

JadeJ123 Thu 18-Sep-14 21:34:26

Me too

ilovebruuuceandbags Sun 21-Sep-14 21:40:45

Me smile I ordered mine on Friday, with a 3-4 week delivery estimate. Am impressed with the week delivery timeframe you have Shelagh. Not sure how i am going to last...

PedroYoniLikesCrisps Wed 24-Sep-14 17:16:56

Don't keep it in your pocket or it'll bend.

CookieLady Wed 24-Sep-14 17:23:05

Got mine on Friday last week. I promptly dropped into a plate of chilli sauce. [stupid emoticon]

MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Wed 24-Sep-14 17:31:05

Not you and your phone again! grin

Please come back and tell us whether it's awesome or shit. My contract isn't due for renewal till February. Am hoping the price will have come down a bit by then. EE apparently currently want £100 for the phone and £60-odd a month for a contract. Um, I don't think so!

TheWholeOfTheSpoon Wed 24-Sep-14 18:14:22

I just picked up the gold 64gb 6. I'm a little bit in love already! I wasn't going to bother as I liked my 5S but, I'm such an iSheep! Baaaaah!!

CookieLady Wed 24-Sep-14 18:21:50

grin I do have history of dropping stuff on my phones. I've got the 6 plus. I do find it rather large but DH adores it as he gets to watch Sky Sports on a decent screen. Taking slow-mo videos is fun. Butttt, using keypad is annoying and I hate the Samsung copycat predicting what you're about to type next.

CookieLady Wed 24-Sep-14 18:22:12

Another sheep here.

MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Fri 26-Sep-14 21:42:44

I think I'll go for a 6+. I mostly use my phone for internetting so a big screen would be nice.

Are there any good deals about yet?

Hassled Fri 26-Sep-14 21:44:43

I may well have a bloody enormous blingy iPhone 6 sat next to me. It is HUGE. I don't know if I'll ever get used to it, or quite what I was thinking, but it is a phone of loveliness.

KenDoddsDadsDog Fri 26-Sep-14 21:51:12

Had mine a week now , DH has the 6 plus and it's MASSIVE .

MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Fri 26-Sep-14 22:00:50

envy at both of you, you utter bastards. grin

TheWholeOfTheSpoon Sat 27-Sep-14 02:11:24

DH picked up his 6+ today. I really don't like it. It would give me cramp! You don't hold an iPad and iPhone in the same way, so you need big hands to have a 6+ as your actual phone. However, 2 days later, I am so in love with my 6, it's a bit embarrassing.

MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Tue 30-Sep-14 12:38:50

I've just ordered a 6+, hooray! grin

Now on hold to Vodafone to cancel my old contract. 17 mins and counting but I'm hanging in there, can't wait to be rid of them.

Theas18 Tue 30-Sep-14 15:34:23

got a 6 smile

It's the right size. Had a note before and it was just a bit too wide to be easy and the 6 is the right size. Love it!

picnicbasketcase Tue 30-Sep-14 15:35:16

Remember you can't really charge it in the microwave.

WannaBe Tue 30-Sep-14 15:47:04

dp got a 6 on Saturday. Must say I do like the feel of it - it's lovely and shiny and solid and doesn't have that plastic feel that androids of the same size do.

I still have a 5S and my contract isn't up for renewal for another year so I'll be posting on these type threads after the next iPhone incarnation ;)

Betrayedbutsurvived Tue 30-Sep-14 15:53:05

I got a gold 6 on launch day, and I'm in love. It's gorgeous, and fast and sleek. The 6+ is a bit big for my liking, but it's still equally stunning. The only downside is 200 people a day asking if it's bent yet. Yawn!

MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Tue 30-Sep-14 20:34:00

I bent my 5 in my pocket. blush It was in a really sturdy jeans pocket and I crouched down and felt it dig into my leg. Noticed a while later that it had a kink in it. Still works perfectly well. blush

If I do that with my 6+ and it gets broken I will probably cry.

So you lot that have got a 6 already, how are you getting on with them?

MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Tue 30-Sep-14 20:35:06

Oh picnic. grin

How dumb are these people?!

ChippingInLatteLover Tue 30-Sep-14 20:44:46

I was thinking about getting the 6 (not the 6+) but it will live in my back pocket, I am not slight of build and I will sit down with it in my pocket so I'm just not sure if it's worth the risk or not so I need to wait a while and see if there's a major problem with that.

Also, those of you who have a 5s, is there a noticeable size difference? Performance difference?

I might get the 5s instead?!

MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Wed 01-Oct-14 11:54:22

I might sell my 5, they're going for about £150 on eBay.

Dowser Fri 23-Dec-16 00:01:40

Giving this a bump as I'm thinking of getting one.
Does anyone know the best deals for Vodafone please.
The best I've got so far with car phone warehouse is unlimited minutes and txt, 3gig of internet data, 32gig of storage. £50 for handset but a £50 gift card to spend at currys.
£21 for 6 months and then £42 for 18 months.

Can you top that?
Prefer to stick with Vodafone.

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