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Do you know how to transfer iTunes library to your new computer?

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Romann Sat 31-Aug-13 22:48:28

I don't just want to share it between computers as I want to put the old one in the bin, but I don't know how to move the music. I'd be very grateful for any easy-to-understand advice!

MasterFlea Mon 02-Sep-13 07:15:15

It was 4 years since I did this but if I remember rightly, I did the home sharing and everything copied over to my new mac. I don't use the old computer anymore and everything still stays on the mac.

I definitely didn't faff about with loading them onto hard drives.

It did take a few hours to transfer everything over, and some of the artwork disappeared but not the songs.

If you are binning the old computer, dont forget to deauthorise the iTunes on that machine.

widowerbutok Mon 02-Sep-13 11:41:27

Hi, looked on youtube and found this step by step vid on how to do it.
Hope this helps.

widowerbutok Mon 02-Sep-13 11:42:00

JeanLauri Tue 29-Apr-14 08:47:13

Have you guys ever use Android Transfer?
Cause I follow a tutorial "How to Transfer Contacts from Outlook to Android" and make it.
Hope that may help you, too.

JeanLauri Thu 22-Dec-16 08:34:31

In order to transfer iTunes library to new computer, I think you may need to try iOS Transfer.

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