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Which phone would you get?

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kickassangel Fri 24-May-13 01:13:08

iPhone 4S
Android (which one)
Or the Nokia Windows phone?

I want a phone, to be able to use google apps, camera, and music.

It's an upgrade on my plan so not too expensive.

Fanjango Fri 24-May-13 01:16:05

I'm not biased much but I've just got an iPhone 4 and I totally love it! Very user friendly and tactile smile

sjuperyoni Fri 24-May-13 01:28:33

I've a galaxy s4 and it's fantabulous grin even better than my beloved s3 was is. I love my s3 so much

For me the android wins out over iphone as every little detail can be personalised to my exact tastes whereas iphones can't to the same extent. Plus i find the iphone really hard to use it's so complicated compared to the galaxy phones.

ItsallisnowaFeegle Fri 24-May-13 01:36:52

I too love my iPhone 4. I can't fault it.

tribpot Fri 24-May-13 06:24:20

Most people I know with an iPhone, myself included, would probably go for an Android the next time around. But either would definitely be my preference over a Nokia.

kickassangel Fri 24-May-13 12:08:16

Anyone else?

IKnowWhat Fri 24-May-13 12:17:58

I love love love my IPhone 4S. I use Siri all the time and I particularly like location based reminders. smile
Do you have other Apple products? If not then you would be missing out on some of the attraction of an iPhone. I have iPads and an iMac so choosing an iPhone was a no brainer.
I find the screen a bit small though.

AMumInScotland Fri 24-May-13 12:39:30

I've recently got a Nokia Windows phone and I love it! You can arrange the tiles on the front screen, add and remove them, change the sizes, so that the things you use are right there handy.

TBH I don't think there's much to choose between them all in terms of functionality now.

GwendolineMaryLacey Fri 24-May-13 12:41:19

iPhone all the way. My dad has just changed to a Samsung galaxy 3 (?) it's shit, he's gutted. Ha ha.

NetworkGuy Fri 24-May-13 19:01:46

Even though I am no stranger to Apple (was using the Mac Classic in the 80s and various models for some years, and bought 5 iMacs last year) I think iPhone has been hyped a bit too much, and not value for money.

Suggest you visit a few mobile stores to try HTC, Samsung and Sony Android phones.

Look for ones running Android 4 (Ice Cream Sandwich aka ICS or Jellybean)...

Without knowing what you are using (screen size, other features) and anything you feel could be improved, it's awkward to give a well-reasoned suggestion...

kickassangel Sat 25-May-13 03:21:23

I have a Blackberry curve.

Of course, today my phone worked perfectly and I'm kind of thinking that holding out for a while will let me see if the windows phones take off or not.

I do quite a bit of email and also want to access, though more for reading than trying to write on them. I want a decent camera and I want to be able to access music. I went to one store and they recommended google music. I've never used it, but I use at work and am fairly tied to google apps because of that.

A lot of phones will be free for me, e.g. iPhone 4S, or galaxy 3.

There was a galaxy which slid open so I had a full keyboard which is tempting, and it was a bit bigger than iPhone without being too big. I want it to still fit in my jeans pocket.

And obviously I need there to be a mums net app! Why didn't I list that first?

NetworkGuy Sat 25-May-13 14:46:09

At the moment there are plenty of neg comments about the MN apps - you'd be better off with a browser, in my view. The one with the keyboard really does sound tempting as it overcomes many of the 'finger trouble' problems of either iPhone or Android users

One major plus, I'd say, (though iPhone users may want to share their knowledge,) concerns different browsers on Android... you could use Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Dolphin instead of the default browser. Not sure of your options other than Safari if using an iPhone... some of the others may be available.

Not sure if it is niceguy2, or someone else, but have seen someone who will happily recommend a Samsung over the iPhone now, despite having been an iPhone fanboy (and iMac user), and if you're already a GMail + Docs user, you'll have an account so can keep the phone in sync with your existing list of contacts etc.

As far as music is concerned, then do you want to simply stream audio from specific types of radio station, Shoutcast, etc ? If you like music and talk from radio stations, I'd go for a large data allowance - indeed, I'd even suggest switching network, given some are very stingy with data and/or charge a fortune... Sony Xperia T {older [6 months!] top of the range Android} on Three is in the 20-30 pounds a month range, which might be similar to your existing contract, but obviously without knowing what you pay, your needs {minutes, texts, data} it's not easy to guess whether that's higher or lower than you pay, and anyway, network coverage is another factor. Anyway that Sony has one of the cameras that would compete with the iPhone and top end Samsung phones, and you'd get 50 GB of storage online for MP3s, films, documents, etc, for free.

WinAmp (free) is now on Android which will play your MP3s (simply plug in most phones and the internal storage {+ microSD card if you want, pretty much any Android can have extra storage plugged in}) will be visible on a PC so you can copy to/from the phone with the file manager... no need for iTunes to 'sync' with the phone.

TuneIn Radio has all the BBC and many worldwide stations, so I listen a lot to some from SoMa (South of Market Street, San Francisco), plus various news/talk/music from across USA/Canada, and more locally, World Radio Network from London (with broadcasts in English from many parts of Europe, and further afield).

Just reminded me it's Saturday and "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" a US news quiz will be on, along with a number of other variety shows, such as West Coast Live from San Francisco, via a station called KALW if memory serves... It's on later, at 18:00 UK time, 10:00 West Coast smile

(I used to listen to some of these via satellite in the past, and Europe, Australia, via short-wave, but now it's so easy with the internet!)

kickassangel Sat 25-May-13 14:56:56

Thanks for all of that. I ave unlimited data and my network is only one of 2 that has any cover where I work, there is a bizarre black spot right around our building, so I am sticking with my network.they all charge just about the same for data anyway.

I am hoping to move away from iTunes but I think there are so many music options that it will be possible to do that anyway.

Lots of info, so thank you.

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