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No Sound On Xbox

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kid Sun 23-Oct-11 16:41:26

The Xbox is nearly 2 years old and the sound has gone.
We did change the TV it was being played on but it worked for a couple of weeks on the new TV but hasn't worked since. I've checked the cables (briefly) and they all appear to be in properly. The games work fine but its annoying there is no sound.
Its plugged in using the 3 colour wires (white, red, yellow I think) and goes into the side of the TV rather than through a scart plug.
I'd really love to get it working again as we usually watch DVDs through it but can't at the moment.

Naoko Sun 23-Oct-11 17:58:54

Maybe it's the cable? Could one of the connectors be loose? Try and borrow another and see if it helps.

Also have a look here to check you've got it all plugged in right.

kid Mon 24-Oct-11 14:44:56

Wow, the sound is back!
Turns out you have to plug it into to audio in rather than audio out blush

Naoko Mon 24-Oct-11 14:58:21

Haha, yes that'll do it grin Glad you've got it fixed now.

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