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loads of routers

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iarebaboon Thu 15-Sep-11 11:07:28

Over the last few years I have managed to amass no less than 5 routers

I use one. The others are in a cupboard taking up room

Can these be used by anyone else? I'm not sure I know all the relevant passwords, but could I freecycle, give them away or even sell them if they have a value? Or should a take them to the tip?


niceguy2 Thu 15-Sep-11 11:13:25

Usually you can do a factory reset on them and find the manuals online. There are not worth very much 2nd hand. I bought an ADSL one a while back used for £10 including postage.

So it depends if you can be bothered with the hassle factor. You could try Freecycle.

Any DSL/cable wireless ones in your collection? I'm after a cheap one for a little project.

iarebaboon Thu 15-Sep-11 14:32:07

Speak to me in laymans terms. I no understand your dsl speak grin

I have wireless routers. The kind you plug into your phonelibe hole and they make your Internet work as if by magic

Two say Thompson and are White. One says d-link and is black. One said zxyle or somthing but I can't find that one and may have disposed of it in a fit of temper because it was rubbish

Any use to you?

niceguy2 Thu 15-Sep-11 15:37:16

OK, in layman's terms. No use to me. I need ones that work with Virgin Media, not phone lines.

You can flog them on ebay. Expect to get around a tenner if you are lucky. Up to you if it's worth the aggro then to pack & post it.

Otherwise Freecycle em

iarebaboon Thu 15-Sep-11 16:03:43

Excellent. Thanks smile

Naoko Fri 16-Sep-11 13:45:36

Keep one though, if they all still work. You will thank me when your connection starts acting up and you need to try another one to determine if the problem with the line or with the router...

<speaking from bitter experience, having spent the last week trying to diagnose and troubleshoot a particularly elusive connection problem>

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