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Ipod shuffle - I can't understand how to put music on it.

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swanriver Fri 10-Jun-11 17:31:27

I have bought an ipod for very first time. I am a technical ignoramus.
I have plugged it into my laptop which has mobile broadband. I have downloaded and installed i-tunes. I have put a CD in the side of laptop and "ripped" some tracks. Who knows where they are now...
Now what? Screen asks me to register my ipod. I then seem to get lost in a welter of instructions, manuals which confuse me further.
No music.
I just want to take a babystep of putting the four ripped tracks onto Ipod. Maybe they aren't in the right part of computer?
Meanwhile someone has advised me to click on LHS "devices" where ipod will show up. What is a device? No devices showing so far.

coansha Sat 11-Jun-11 12:31:07

I was going to type it all out but found this and thought it would be better as it was a visual guide.

I will add that apple are bringing out the ICLOUD soon, which should send your music/photos/videos automatically form your pc into itunes but they will probably charge per year for it but it sound so much better.
I always use the tutorials online with them as they help you get them most from it.
We have 7 ipods/touches in our house so each have their own name and I make playlists for favourite music so you can create music for your own needs, running, chill out etc.

NetworkGuy Sun 12-Jun-11 22:37:33

Something to note for anyone (like me) still using Windows XP is that those PCs will be excluded from support by iCloud.

OK, MS Vista and Windows 7 are perhaps getting more popular but for years, XP was more popular than Vista.

swanriver Thu 16-Jun-11 11:14:15

thankyou all, still a bit hit and miss, but I've managed to put some tunes on by going into Computer, and pressing "device" Ipod bit and synching, after pressing "device" import cd bit.

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