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aaarghh please help me with POWER POINT software

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noonar Thu 09-Jun-11 18:54:34

i am such a technophobe. have no choice but to do a powerpoint presentation for work, but i have 2 problems/ questions:

1. i have copied and pasted some slides from a website that have notes underneath them. i now cant hide the notes at the bottom of the page, and can now not see a full page. i can only see the top of each page by scrolling down each time i go to a new page. so... please tell me, how can i hide the notes???

2. also, you know when you click on a page and slowly extra bits of info are added to the page (eg a quiz question might be displayed, then you click and the answer gets revealed). well, i've saved a couple of slides that i found online and want to copy and paste them, but i dont know how to get rid of the extra info eg the answer to the quiz question) beacuse the way its saved, the answer is already on the page when i first click on that page. So... how do i hide the answer, please???

sorry, rambling and confusing but i'd be v glad if anyone understands what i mean/ can help xx

plebshire Thu 09-Jun-11 19:03:15

1. if you put your cursor to the top of the notes section you should get a set of parallel lines which will allow you to reduce the size of the notes.

2. use the 'animations' tab to do the fancy click-and-reveal trick. You may need to use 'ungroup' first to break it down into its component parts. It might not work if you've copied and pasted so you might have to recreate with smartart.

(and, btw, with the animations they will all stay on the page when you scroll through your presentation - go to preview or slideshow to check that it's worked)


noonar Thu 09-Jun-11 19:27:24

plebshire, i love you smile

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