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ChocolateMoose Wed 11-Aug-10 11:38:51

Quick question - what do you call those programs that enable you to edit a website without using html? I want to say in a job application that I've used them to manage part of a website, but don't know what they're called.

NetworkGuy Wed 11-Aug-10 13:00:37

At least two different types:

CMS (*Content Management System*) where a website firm may have put some pages on, and office can then add/delete/alter additional pages, and

A Site Builder (offered by a web hosting firm, usually) which may have a large number of templates but will have a limited number of functions and usually not be as flexible as a CMS, though cost wise, significantly cheaper of course.

ChocolateMoose Wed 11-Aug-10 15:01:45

Content Management System sounds right, thanks.

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