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Garden Plants Idea

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Janbo25 Tue 05-Jul-05 13:21:26

I'm after some ideas for my garden and wondering if anyone out there would mind me emailing them a couple of pics of my rear garden and offer me advice on what i should plant and design etc?

Any tips would be appreciated.

Many Thanks

assumedname Wed 06-Jul-05 00:18:54

Can you take some pictures and post them so we can see them? Does the garden have a lot of sun - which direction does it face?

Do you have kids/pets, lots of time for gardening or want something low maintenance?

Janbo25 Wed 13-Jul-05 17:49:15

hi, many thanks for the response, the garden does get quite a lot of sun, and at the moment 1 have 1 child (6 months) but no animals.
Please can you provide an email address so i can send you a couple of pics.

Many Thanks

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