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Getting rid on ants in the lawn.... ideas?

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sharklet Tue 28-Jun-05 15:51:39

HI there,

We have a plague of ants in our lawn. None in the house - touch wood - but outside they are a pain - we have a lovely big garden and really want to be able to enjoy it but the ants are spoiling it and worse they are eating my strawberries.

Any advice?

Emma xx

Twiglett Tue 28-Jun-05 15:57:16

find anthill and pour down boiling water

though personally don't have a problem with ants

starrynight Tue 28-Jun-05 16:12:49

Someone recently told me to mix a load of honey with yeast and put it out for them. They take it back to nest, eat it then explode as the yeast expands. Don't know if it works - but worth a try?

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