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Sunflowers - do they need staking?

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roisin Thu 19-May-05 14:40:26

... I thought not, but it's very windy here and I'm thinking maybe I'm wrong? (They're about 18" high atm, and I've got 24 of them in a 'hedge', so I can't really be bothered staking them if it's not necessary).

What do you think?

SaintGeorge Thu 19-May-05 14:41:49

Absolutely. Last year mine started on ordinary 3ft garden canes and ended up on 6ft bamboo rods - they still outgrow the top of the stakes!

roisin Thu 19-May-05 15:01:00

OK Thanks.

throckenholt Thu 19-May-05 15:06:49

yes - if they are the tall ones, and definitely if you are in a windy area.

Hausfrau Thu 19-May-05 15:16:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

roisin Thu 19-May-05 20:50:12

Sunflowers duly staked - thank you!

As I was doing it I remembered my dad telling me 4 yrs ago not to bother staking them, as sunflowers grown in fields by farmers didn't get supported.

But I'm sure Cumbria is a lot windier than Oxfordshire, and anyway my Dad is very poorly (cancer and in hospital again ), so I don't think he'll be over this summer to object to my pampered plants.

SaintGeorge Thu 19-May-05 21:17:22

He's right, they don't - but they are massed together and hold each other up

SaintGeorge Thu 19-May-05 21:19:49

Just re-read your post. Sorry to hear about your dad.
Plant him a teddy bear sunflower - you can grow them in pots they are so short, but have lovely big sunny heads. You might be able to take it to him to give him a bit of sunshine.

roisin Thu 19-May-05 21:37:12


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