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Nicest looking, flowering shrubs for part shaded border?

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Pannacotta Wed 15-Oct-08 11:41:38

Our soil is sandy, fairly alkaline.
Looking for something evergreen with nice looking foilage which flowers, which will grow to around 6-7 ft tall but not too wide.
It will be planted against a red brick wall.
Would prefer something other than a Choisya (am bit fed up of them).
Any ideas?

missingtheaction Wed 15-Oct-08 14:06:21

RHS Plant Selector says cistus, ceonothus, hebe, osmanthus, pyracantha, viburnum for your particular conditions - but you can run a selection for yourself. I love osmanthus burkwoodii it has lovely scent. if it's not too extremely sandy/alkaline you would have a much wider selection

Pannacotta Wed 15-Oct-08 15:53:46

Thanks for that, funny as that was the one shrub I had come up with, more unusual than viburnum, lovely scent and nice leaves too.
The soil is neither very sandy or very alkaline, I just find choosing shrubs hard work as there is never much choice in local nurseries etc so I never get to see a good range in person (it's not quite the same looking at pics on line).

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