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Growing lavender from seed. HELP

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lexcat Sat 27-Sep-08 20:02:50

Dd discovered how to collect the seeds from her lavender today and I now have about 30 seeds. DD really wants to grow them as presents for friends and family.
I have always been lead to believe taking cuttings is the best way to grow lavender and from seed is not the way to do it.
Anyone please help if you can.

havoc Sat 27-Sep-08 21:43:53

Yes you can - I've grown lavender from seeds!
Pop the seeds in some compost, cover with polythene and leave on a sunny window sill. You should see some seedling within a few weeks. You may want to leave it till spring when the light gets better. (But I can never wait that long!)

I think plants grown from seeds don't necessarily look that the original, whereas cutting do (if that makes sense!)

Hope your DD finds it fun!

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