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canthisberight Mon 14-Feb-05 22:12:33

Does anyone know of any reliable internet alternatives to Crocus? Don't have anything against them (in fact have never used them) but they don't have the plant I want, or rather, they have the wrong colour!


hub2dee Mon 14-Feb-05 22:31:40

There's a Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) book: The Plant Finder which lists everything by species / variety and next to each one lists a pile of nurseries that grow it.

You then look up the nursery code in the index at the back (which is by region so you can also find the nearest one).

If more than 30 nurseries stock it, then they do not bother to list them all, but phoning some of the listed ones in your region will probably turn up trumps.

I think part of this database can also be found on their Website

The RHS also organises regional flowershows. The London one, for example, opens tomorrow and day after (15th, 16th Feb) - you will find experienced nurseries there.

A relevant companion book is the RHS Garden Finder which lists interesting gardens and nurseries by region.

If you just have a one off enquiry, post it here, and state nearest town, and I'll see if I can help.

canthisberight Mon 14-Feb-05 22:36:05

That's so helpful. Thank you for the speedy response. I live in London so would love to find out more about the regional show. Small child means I probably can't get there at this short notice but you never know!

hub2dee Mon 14-Feb-05 22:52:50


The RHS owns two buildings near Victoria - something like Greycoat Hall I think. About a 10 minute walk from the station.

The shows will be detailed on their Web site, probably under events / diary / London. Free entry to members, £5 otherwise. Usually from about 10am till 6pm or even later.

They are nowhere near as flash nor as big as Chelsea / Hampton Court etc. etc.... maybe 10 - 12 nurseries either selling plants / taking orders / displaying a naturalistic 'scene' etc. I've found it useful to get a feel for seasonality etc. Sometimes there are lectures scheduled as well.

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