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Fencing without wrecking a mature border ... any ideas???

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chillyigloo Wed 06-Aug-08 13:18:33

We have a lovely long garden with mature borders down one side. When we moved in, the other side was solely brambles so we cleared it and erected Willow screening as a natural backdrop for the few salvagable plants, so (with a bit of planting) it's now a lovely green border.

My problem is not really our garden but our b*stard of a dog grin who recently has discovered that walks are so much more fun if you take yourself on them. He's escaping 2 or 3 times a week from the garden, which is not ideal when you're home alone with a sleeping toddler (I'm sure my husband is getting sick of the distress calls when he's in meetings!).

The problem is the mature border, because he can happily wriggle his way through. I've thought and thought but have failed to come up with a way of fencing (chain-link, willow screening, anything really) that won't wreck the border. As it is,there is low chain link fencing between our garden and our neighbours. It's in fairly rubbish condition and has never been an issue as you can't see it. There are various trees and shrubs in both gardens that come over into the other side so I'm stuck.

The fence really needs to be about 5 foot to keep the dog in. Am I going to have to rip out all my border and cut back all the neighbours border that comes onto our side to install some fenceing? That would be so upsetting.

If that's the only way, does anyone want a dog? grin. I'm kidding wink. Though I'd be really sad to see the greenery go sad.

I'm counting on you all to come up with the miracle solution that I'm missing! x

sophy Thu 07-Aug-08 20:00:28

We had this problem when we first got our dog, who kept escaping through gaps in the hedge.

We dog-proofed with stock-proof fencing and posts from the local agricultural suppliers, installed when the hedge had been cut back. In a couple of months' time the hedge had grown through and you now cannot see the fencing at all.

Could you try something similar with your border - if you wait and put it in in winter when most things have died back, then in the spring stuff should grow back and you won't see the fence at all.

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