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Have I lost my onions? (And my marbles?)

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PrincessGoodLife Tue 04-Sep-07 21:01:31

My onions have had two days of drying in the sun. I left them covered this morning as I left the house because it looked like rain. Turned out to be a torrential downfall with crazy winds and I've got back to find the groundsheet has been blown off and they are DRENCHED. Is there any hope at all for them? ANy chance I can try drying them again (assuming the sun comes back) or shall I just give them away for immediate consumption and buy onions all winter? angry

Any thoughts?

snorkle Tue 04-Sep-07 21:43:19

It will have reduced their storage life a little, but all is not lost. If this had happened a couple of days ago when they were in the ground you wouldn't have worried, so you need to dry them out well from now on.

If the weather continues to be fine, then keep drying them outdoors - I cover mine with a cotton sheet to keep off light showers - (I also dry mine in the shade after the first day).

If it's looking bad, then can you continue to dry them in a shed/greenhouse spread out on shelves so that as much air can get around them as possible? Keep drying for at least a fortnight.

When you store them, grade them according to overall size and also thickness of neck. The largest ones with the thinest necks tend to last longest, the smallest ones should be used first

PrincessGoodLife Wed 05-Sep-07 08:25:59

snorkle THANK YOU! Everything I needed to know al in one post. Pouring again today so will spread them out in the woodshed (open sided) and hope it does the trick.

I'm so glad we haven't lost them all now after all that work.

THANKS again.

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