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Cutting a hawthorn tree?

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SleeptightDaisy Sat 23-Mar-19 21:29:58

We've now had four gardeners visit to give a quote about cutting back a hawthorn tree but today's has said that we shouldn't be cutting it back at this time of year as it could lead to it getting infected and killing it. None of the others have said anything about it being the wrong time of year. Is this correct?

ArmchairTraveller Sat 23-Mar-19 21:37:21

Yes, you need to prune when the tree is dormant and it’s been a mild winter. Where are you? N Scotland, probably ok. West Country, no.

PotsOfJoy Sat 23-Mar-19 22:18:11

They're right. Wait until its fully come into leaf and flowered. Late summer/early autumn fine (avoid drought time), avoid leaf fall, winter fine.

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