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Sad story baby wrens

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Babyramone Mon 25-Jun-07 15:51:08

I put up a roosting pocket last winter. It has been taken over by some wrens.
They have spent the last few days flitting back and forth laidened with grubs.....until to day that is

This morning found the pocket on the ground.
It was hung on an old tree stump which has a climber all up it.
However I'd only hung it up by the ring at top which I'd put over a branch stump.
Think it blew off in wind.
Have nailed it back up but think the babies are dead.
Feel bad.
Does anyone think there's a chance they may be ok.
What a waste.
Going to buy proper nest box for next year.

Beauregard Mon 25-Jun-07 21:13:30

Babyramone Mon 25-Jun-07 22:58:12

Been watching all day for the adults and no sign
Not sure what to do with nest.

Beauregard Mon 25-Jun-07 22:59:59

I take there was no sign of life?
hmm not sure re the nest maybe put it back and leave for a day or two?

Babyramone Mon 25-Jun-07 23:14:23

have done. had wee listen but no noise.
I used to be made of harder stuff.
Since kids am bubbling bairn.
Was very found of them. Watched male build nest (appt the male builds a few then female chooses one she likes best) and she picked mine.
On poitive not been looking for Box and going to put up perm one so fingers crossed they'll try again next year

mummylin2495 Mon 25-Jun-07 23:30:33

i had baby robins in my garden in a nest but hey ere only in there a matter of days before they became fledglings ,so maybe thats whats happened to your wrens.If so they will be quite near to your garden stilluntil they can fly off.So it may be ok

Califrau Tue 26-Jun-07 00:28:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Babyramone Wed 27-Jun-07 17:17:29

I think I may of been wrong
Got DH to stick his finger in nest and there's nothing there, was expecting load of abandoned chicks.
Didn't think the adult had been feeding them for long had only noticed him fof 5 days but it's either they've fledged or puss along the road has had a snack.
Lets hope former, although I accept nature in all it's glory.

mummylin2495 Wed 27-Jun-07 22:06:23

i hope they managed to get out of the nest rather than the cats breakfast !

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