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Strawberry netting or pea netting??

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Stitchintimesaves9 Sat 27-May-17 13:59:10

Complete novice vegetable grower here. Decided to have a go at growing a few red cabbages in the borders of the garden and not just because the plants' leaves looked pretty

The interweb advised covering them in netting. Happened to be in gardening aisle of Tesco this morning, but they had both strawberry AND pea netting on sale. What on earth is the difference? I panicked and bought strawberry - I got the wrong one, right? blush

livingthegoodlife Mon 29-May-17 20:58:30

i think to cover cabbage you need butterfly proof netting which is super fine, much finer than either strawberry or pea netting, its more like mesh.

i tried to grow cabbages last year but it was a complete disaster and they were devoured by caterpillars and white butterflies.

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