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Help training jasmine

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LeeMiller Tue 20-Dec-16 14:53:55

I saw a photo of a beautiful potted jasmine at the Met Museum which is grown in a container and has been shaped into a small tree. I'd love to create something similar. How would I go about training a jasmine vine to do this? I've only grown it scrambling over trellis and can't picture what kind of structure I'd need. Any advice appreciated!

shovetheholly Wed 21-Dec-16 15:14:02

From the background that looks like it's the cloisters, so I'm guessing it's Jasminium officinale f. affine. Check out this link and see if you agree!!

If this is it, then it's just a matter of pruning it to shape until the "trunk" thickens, maybe using some canes for support. But as you can see, even in that picture, it has a tendency to romp away and wants to climb really. This type of summer jasmine also hates really cold weather, so if you are intending it to be an outdoor plant it may need protection if you are not living somewhere quite mild.

You can get shrub jasmines (J. Parker's) but they have a more humpy form and also do not like cold!

LeeMiller Wed 21-Dec-16 19:52:37

Thanks Shove! Yes it is that one. What a lovely garden.

I think it's the sprawlingness that I like - the wispy foliage combined with the solid tree form. I suppose to thicken the trunk you need to remove any extra canes?

We are in Italy so milder than the UK, I think the jasmine would be ok under the veranda in the winter. Or perhaps I could use jasminium polyanthum which I know is fine here.

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