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can I move cuttings outside now or wait till spring?

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NotAnEMERGENCY Fri 23-Sep-16 17:05:47

I have some aucuba, forsythia and philadelphus cuttings that have successfully taken root. Can I already start hardening them off to move outside (over a couple of weeks) or do I have to keep them indoors now until spring?

shovetheholly Fri 23-Sep-16 18:15:57

Unless you live somewhere really freezing, I think so (though I could be wrong). All those plants are hardy... I'd put them somewhere sheltered though, to be on the same side, e.g. a sunny wall near to your house. And I might bring them in to a cold area of the house, e.g. unheated porch, if terrible blizzards/polar bears/ice storms were forecast.

NotAnEMERGENCY Fri 23-Sep-16 21:39:27

That's good - it means I can take more cuttings! (I have plenty of space outside but not so much inside.) I was worried that as the cuttings were still fairly small they might not cope with the weather getting colder. I live in the Midlands though so it shouldn't be too bad.

shovetheholly Sat 24-Sep-16 09:45:40

YAY more plants!! grin

NotAnEMERGENCY Sat 24-Sep-16 10:09:32

Absolutely! Cuttings are very addictive!

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