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lawn bare patches

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sacbina Sat 03-Sep-16 17:12:19

Is it possible to get any growth in the lawn during autumn.

There are many bare patches which are going to turn into muddy bogs over winter if it stays as it is.

I know established grass will grow above a certain temperature but is there anything I can do? ?

gingeroots Sun 04-Sep-16 12:05:44

I am not an expert but if it were me I'd dig up the bare patches a bit to make sure they're not all compacted ,maybe add some grit/sharp sand for drainage ,add some coir and the add seed ,then maybe a little more coir .And then keep damp .

I think it's fine to do it in the autumn .

I had lots of bare patches ,some were because of tree roots just under the surface . I pulled them out as much as I could ,but it was such hard work and made such big holes that I'm not sure I'd do it again .

I found using grass seed for shady areas has helped a lot in my shady areas ...

shovetheholly Mon 05-Sep-16 17:49:00

Yes! I think the cold weather this year, followed by baking dry weather, has meant that many people have had to mow less frequently! But the downside of that is that bare patches may not have grown back as forcefully. I would scarify and resow now, as the weather is getting a bit wetter in most places and there is still time for good growth before everything goes dormant. The exception would be a really shaded lawn - I have one of these and it only really grows well in spring, unfortunately.

dodobookends Wed 07-Sep-16 19:04:08

I planted some grass seed in a small bare patch last week - it germinated in 2 days and is now an inch tall, so it seems to be about the right time of year right now.

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