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Can anyone recommend a useful gardening app?

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VermicularCanister Tue 10-May-16 22:19:42

Beginner gardener here, and I need to organise myself better so that I am on top of what needs to be done and when. I use Google Calendar for my general life, but I wondered if there is a better app out there that I could use to collect garden-related thoughts and photos, put reminders in, etc.

I see the RHS has a vegetable growing app, where you choose which ones you are growing and it will put alerts in the calendar for jobs to be done, and send frost warnings based on your location, which sounds great except that it's only for iPhone (not android), and I am mostly growing flowers rather than fruit/veg.

There are some android gardening apps available too, but has anyone used any of them and can recommend? Or are there any calendar apps not specifically for gardening that would work for this? If possible I would like to replicate a yearbook rather than a calendar, if that makes sense. As I need to build up information for reference at the same time each year without having to look back to the same month in previous years. Any help will be appreciated!

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