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Perennials for a grave

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alazuli Sun 01-May-16 20:03:57

Hello all,

I bought some perennials for my mum's grave today but I've just realised they might be self seeding. I was planning just to keep them in their containers but I'm worried now they'll end up taking over the plot. I got her Forget Me Nots, Dianthus Sunflor Vivre and Arenaria Montana Alpine.

Are they ok to leave there or will they become invasive? Should I get her something else?

Any advice much appreciated as I know NOTHING about plants!

Kr1stina Sun 01-May-16 23:37:33

You are fine , they are not invasive . The forget me nots might seed but you can easily pull them up .

You can't leave then in a container though, unless it's a very big one, as containers need regular watering . If you mean the little plastic pot you bought them in, they will dry out in a few days .

Sorry about your mum . Did she like plants and flowers ?

alazuli Mon 02-May-16 11:19:03

Thanks, Kr1stina. She wasn't actually that keen on flowers as she had hay fever but I thought it would be a nice way to brighten her grave. Do you have any recommendations for good plants to buy that don't need much taking care of?

TheSolitaryBoojum Mon 02-May-16 11:35:23

My friend died when she was 21. We planted a herb garden on her grave.
Bees and butterflies and ladybirds visit, and it's still green in the wintertime.
She'd have loved it.

Kwirrell Mon 02-May-16 12:05:05

People plant Rosemary for rememberance. Very easy to care for

Kr1stina Mon 02-May-16 12:26:30

Are you allowed to plant into the soil around the grave ? Some cemeteries won't let you .

If so, small herbs are good as boojum suggests, as long as the area is dry and sunny . Or small alpines like the ones you have already, they will be ok In the ground . They won't grow too big and obscure any other memorials.

The only permanent plants I can think of that will be happy in a tiny container are succulents . But Im not an expert on this - hopefully some will come along soon :-)

Boojum - I'm sorry to hear that you lost your friend so young , what a tragedy :-(

Alazuli - Im sure your mother would have enjoyed the beauty of flowers even if she didn't like the pollen

alazuli Mon 02-May-16 19:36:03

Thanks for all the tips, everyone. A herb garden sounds like a lovely idea.

TheSolitaryBoojum - so sorry about your friend.

Oldraver Wed 04-May-16 15:11:44

My Dad planted Forget Me Not on my sons grave and my MIL dug it up and put a great hoofing rose that took over. You need something that will not dwarf the site.

An Alpine garden would be fab

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