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Cucumber and courgette advice?

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Stiddleficks Mon 25-Apr-16 15:34:22

I have some cucumber my Dd planted, there are 7 little shoots about 2 inch tall. I'm hoping to grow the plants in grow bag, so shall I just take out a couple of these little plants and put two into the bag (they'll be in a plastic covered greenhouse).
Can I grow courgettes in grow bags too or would a large pot be better?

Ferguson Mon 25-Apr-16 21:17:09

Cucumber should be OK like that, but courgettes grow HUGE so should be in garden really, probably a metre or more across. Start the seeds off indoors, putting each on its side, so they can grow the way they want, and pot on if they outgrow the pots, but don't cause a 'check' in growth.

shovetheholly Tue 26-Apr-16 07:48:46

I'm not a cucumber expert, but they sound quite small still. It might be worth potting them on (out of the seed compost, into potting compost) and letting them grow on a bit more before you whack them into the grow bag.

It's cold out there at night at the moment, even in a greenhouse, and they won't appreciate night temperatures below 5C. My greenhouse is regularly below that at present, so probably safest to keep them indoors for a bit.

Agree with Ferguson that courgettes are better off in the soil. They are really heavy feeders and like quite a bit of moisture too, so they will soon exhaust the meagre nutrients in a grow bag. Even in soil, they need feeding.

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