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Will lithodora/aubrietta trail?

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dolkapots Sat 23-Apr-16 19:11:53

I'm trying to finalise ideas for my window boxes, which are always geraniums plus a trailing plant. I love both lithadora and aubrietta and was wondering if they would trail a bit over the edge? The idea would be to plant in between the geraniums to break up the colour.

NanTheWiser Sat 23-Apr-16 22:48:55

Lithodora does trail, but prefers acid soil, which might not suit geraniums (and I've never seen it used as a container plant ). Aubrietia only trails a little bit, and will finish flowering by the end of May, so wouldn't give much of a display in summer (again, never seen it used in a window box). You could plant trailing Lobelia, which would give you a summer-long display of rich blue flowers, that would be a good contrast with the geraniums, and is a more "traditional" companion.

Kr1stina Sun 24-Apr-16 09:20:09

260 suggestions here

I like petunia surfina if you want more colour ( always a good thing in window boxes )

Or helicrysum petiolare if you want silver felted foliage

dolkapots Sun 24-Apr-16 10:21:31

Thanks a lot, i really appreciate the advice. Great to know that aubrietta only flowers until May, that is that out of the equation then!

I know lobelia is a common one but read it is hard to "keep"? I am not great in the garden so prefer something a bit hardier looking.

I did petunia surfinia last year which were great and very long lasting, but they didn't so much trail over the edge but were more semi-erect (they stuck out at a 45 degree angle) which looked a bit strange!

Out of interest what would everyone's choice of in-between-the-geranium's plant be?

NanTheWiser Sun 24-Apr-16 12:45:08

If this is only for seasonal attraction (i.e. summer), have a look at what local garden centres are offering in their bedding annuals section, there is usually a guide to those suitable for hanging baskets etc., and this is where the lobelia will be. Bear in mind that these plants aren't frost-hardy so it's a bit early to plant outside at the moment, you'll need to keep them under cover until the end of May to be on the safe side. For a permanent planting it would be a bit more tricky, but as geraniums are not hardy, I'm assuming you only want summer colour? Lobelia are pretty easy as long as they're not kept too dry, and make lovely trailers.

dolkapots Sun 24-Apr-16 13:51:07

Yes it is only for summer as I overwinter the geraniums inside (although I did keep one outside that has fared really well) Will check out the bedding section next time I am at the garden centre, thanks.

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