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Using 'old' bulbs?!

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Hello- I was given a stash of bulbs if all kinds- fancy tulips mainly, by a good quality importer about 18 months ago. Then I had a baby and forgot all about them. I've discovered them recently in a plastic bag/ they look ok, and I can't really afford much in the way of new garden stuff this it worth my planting them out nicely ? Will they flower or have I missed their moment? There's about 40 of them.....

funnyperson Sat 20-Feb-16 19:56:59

options are to
a) put them on the compost heap
b) plant but not where you dont want a gap

Ferguson Sat 20-Feb-16 20:05:33

I always advise people in this situation to START them off in pots of suitable compost, leave outside but not where they will get waterlogged or battered by winds.

Depending how they progress in pots, if they look like they MIGHT flower, then you can plant out into the garden. It is quite likely, however, any flowers may be rather small.

Thank you so much - I think from what you say their future sounds pretty doubtful, so I will concentrate on my beloved broad beans and beetroot, and not give up precious space to things that sound doubtful. I have got a couple of tubs with nothing much to do, so I will plant a few of them in those and compost heap the rest of them. Best of both worlds. Or no worlds. Or something. Thanks Funnyperson and Ferguson for your helpful advice !

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