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Rizzlekicks Wed 10-Jun-15 12:13:41

We moved into a fairly modern house last year. I would like creepers going up the front of the house which is North facing. What would look nice? Should I go for something flowering or just foilage? I would like something easy to maintain. What has worked for you?

shovetheholly Wed 10-Jun-15 12:28:26

I have been banned by DH from growing creepers up our house, because they can cause damp problems. Worth thinking carefully about sad

It depends a bit what kind of garden you want. I know someone who successfully grows a pyracantha up a north-facing wall, and it is wonderful for wildlife and has all-season interest, but somewhat out of fashion these days. You can get clematis and climbing hydrangea for shady conditions; the latter looks lovely if you can keep the slugs off. If you have space, garrya elliptica is stunning in winter.

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