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Lion pooh

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Dutchoma Wed 20-May-15 21:30:53

Has anybody used this as a cat deterrent? If so did it work?

ancientbuchanan Thu 21-May-15 01:18:22

Not as a cat deterrent but as a fix deterrent. No it didn't. And was stinky. And expensive.

ancientbuchanan Thu 21-May-15 01:19:32

Fox, dammit, not fix. I wish it had fixed the bloody foxes.

Dutchoma Thu 21-May-15 06:14:31

That's sad it didn't fix the foxes. Maybe it should have been hyena pooh tp deter them. Or wolf pooh?

ancientbuchanan Sat 23-May-15 00:40:19

It was very irritating. Hyena or dingo poo possibly.

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