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Is this ok?

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Fingeronthebutton Fri 12-Dec-14 13:19:17

My compost is full. Added to that I have started juicing every day so there's that mush to add to everything else I put in every day.
I was wondering: can I just bury my kitchen waste in the garden.

Ferguson Fri 12-Dec-14 22:42:03

Do you mean your council composting bin? Can you not start a 'compost heap' at the bottom of the garden? Then all green stuff could go on it, and shredded paper and card. But not other food waste, as may attract rats.

If you dig a hole, green or vegetable waste could go in it. Or if you grow runner beans, take out a trench and put veg waste in, to overwinter, and 'feed' crops next year.

If you used a Vitamix machine, they 'juice' everything, and there is not residue or waste. Can also cook soup (by friction) in them, and make super ice cream with frozen fruit, and they will grind ice, or nuts. BUT they are expensive I'm afraid. Get reductions on the TV shopping channels quite often.

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