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Rose Cuttings

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Castlelough Mon 20-Jan-14 11:04:46

Hi I wonder could anybody advise me?

I took some rose cuttings on Dec 31st. I followed the usual method, and used rooting hormones.

On some of the cuttings there were tiny buds and they have now grown and have begun to unfurl into little leaves.
It's encouraging that the cuttings have growth BUT I was wondering whether I should pinch out the growth or not?
I'm afraid of killing them off! But I think I read somewhere that it would give more energy to root growth if I pinch out the growing shoots...?

Also, I've left the rose cuttings outdoors. Should I bring them in? We had a little frost last night for the first time since I planted them.

Thanks in advance! I'm a novice! :-)

dreamingofsun Mon 20-Jan-14 15:18:38

i didn't cut mine off......i thought they needed them to photosynthesise. though i did pinch out the flower buds, but they grew another lot, so i let them get on with things. mine are still outside. i think changes of temps might be more problematic eg warm indoors v cold outside.

i've grown about 6 i'm no expert

aircooled Mon 20-Jan-14 21:18:33

If you only took the cuttings 3 weeks ago it's unlikely they have rooted yet - the leaves will be using the 'goodness' left in the stem. Are they in a pot? Don't bring it into the warm, roses are hardy (unless these are the 'houseplant' type?) but some protection from the really cold weather would be good. I've only rooted rose cuttings in the ground where I leave them for up to a year before moving. As dreaming... says, remove any flower buds. If in a pot you could try some 'bottom heat' (lovely idea) - very gentle heat from a propagator, haven't tried it with roses but it might work. Don't let them dry out!

Castlelough Thu 23-Jan-14 00:36:27

Thank you both for the advice!
My cuttings are in pots, outdoors. No chance they'll dry out in this weather! I haven't a propagator so I'll have to leave the heating idea for another time, but flowers.

So, should I leave them be for the moment? As long as flower buds don't appear? It seems to be just leaves that are growing from the shoots for now...I thought it was a good sign, but maybe it is the plant using up its residual energy.
Fingers crossed at least some will survive. I took them from a very old rose bush in my grandparents garden. The house will soon be sold and I wanted to give it a shot!

Castlelough Thu 23-Jan-14 00:37:39

Ps: dreaming you have gone well to propagate 6 roses grin. I'd be happy to get as many! Have taken 17 cuttings...

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