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Raised beds

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MariscallRoad Sun 29-Sep-13 00:34:52

Thanks. the brambles seem to do extremely well in my garden. Their roots don’t seem to be quite deep and I can clear them. The berries are mostly eaten by my foxes - I have a fox den also in the rear. The animal, does not foul, and does not cause me any problem, does not uproot bulbs, and to the contrary has kept excellent control of all bad rodents, but of course she needs to feeds also on other vegetable matter and clears all the plums rotting on the ground. I wonder how it will go with the raised beds. The rodents were a huge problem for me before the fox had settled in my garden. I had spoken with the Council pest control recently who saw my place was clear of any rodents due to the fox who had set up camp in my garden. I hear the animal every night but have not seen them.

purplewithred Sat 28-Sep-13 15:54:10

Yup that will work. Check on ebay for good cheap raised bed kits. Do make sure you have dug out the brambles etc first though as otherwise they will come up into your lovely new beds.

Meadow mixtures are not as easy as they look; make sure you get one that's appropriate for the conditions.

MariscallRoad Sat 28-Sep-13 12:47:07

Has anyone put in their garden raised beds for either flower or veg? Does this work well?

I have poor soil in the rear of my garden. That part faces West, is protected by a wall and is flat. It has space. Brambles grew there in the past. I am thinking placing 3 raised beds and sowing the surrounding area with meadow mixture that does not require fertiliser.

I have seen raised beds 3x3 or 444 shown in RHS. I thought of buying the frame and just sitting it on the ground and filling it with soil from the garden.

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