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Is July really July?

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Karbea Thu 27-Jun-13 13:46:51


I've a garden that is all lawn. I'd really like to make it into a cottage garden, but I'm a completely novice gardener.

I've a couple of books which tell you what to do each month, and I guess July is a pretty rubbish time to start as I should be deadheading etc nothing to plant apparently.

But I was wondering if due to the weather July is actually more like June or even may?

I'd really like to get started but really don't know what to do sad

Any help appreciated smile

cantspel Thu 27-Jun-13 17:11:28

Depends a bit where you are. I am on the south coast and my garden has just about caught up.

But you could start preparing the beds, digging in compost and manure if your soil is clay. Research the plants you want and doing a planting plan.

There is something you can sow

Perennial Alyssum, Anemone, Orminamental Cabbage, Cactus, Calceolaria, Camomile, Chinese Lantern, Clematis, Coleus, Daisy, Dracocephalum, Forget-me-not, Gaillardia, Perennial Linum, Michaelmas Daisy, Myosotis, Nemesia, Perennial Pansy, Perennial Penstemon, Polyanthus, Primrose, Primula Malacoides, Primula Pulverulenta, Prunella Freelander, Pyrethrum, Strelitzia, Thyme, Biennial Viola, Wallflower.

Some of them you wont want in a cottage garden but quite a few that would fit in well.

onefewernow Fri 28-Jun-13 01:40:10

Ignore, ignore!

There are no seasons much.

I plant what I want when I want, with very few problems.

MrsWembley Fri 28-Jun-13 01:49:16

Oh YY, ignore all that about 'this month you should be pruning the cabbages and raking over the sandpit' nonsense. But, then again, there are plants that prefer certain times of year to go in and certain seeds that would be wasted being thrown about at others. So, do some wider reading and look at what you want to put in and then plan.

Oh, and my allotment is about a month behind, so, in answer to your original question which was why I clicked on this thread (and imo), no, July is not July.


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