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I have lots of gardening questions - the first about potted bay trees

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SmellsLikeWeenSpirits Sat 27-Apr-13 09:15:26

We've got a big, standard bay tree, it's about 6 ft tall

It's been in it's pot for 6 years or more. I think it's now pretty much all root and barely any soil

Thing is I can't get a bigger pot, it's prob abou 80cm across, so if I take it out to repot there won't be enough room for anymore soil, even if I bash off all the old soil

What should I do?

quoteunquote Sat 27-Apr-13 18:19:27

Find a nice place in the garden to plant it, it will get huge if you do unless you keep pruning it, but it makes a lovely bush or shaped tree,

take lots of cutting, use organic rooting powder, and grow loads more, I always have loads on the go, give them away to anyone who wants one, give them out for school fund raises,

You could pot it up, or just keep feeding it, but it will love being planted out, and cutting are easy, I just give the children a big bag of compost, massive of pots and tell them to get on with it,

my mother gave me one in 1990, I kept it in a pot for years, after she died I couldn't think of leaving it anywhere when we moved, I planted it out three years ago to hide a summerhouse, it looks really happy and is huge, I've pruned the top off, so it won't get any higher,

and everyone I know now has a plant from it, so it feels nice,

I've got about twenty standards, grown from cuttings, but my friend has hundreds on the go all at different stages (she had a cutting off me about fifteen years ago which she planted out, from which she keeps taking cuttings ), she plans to sell them in two years time, she does this every two years for a holiday.

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