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ds struggling with further maths AS with FMSP

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lalalalee Sun 25-Mar-18 22:04:43

ds is doing further maths online with the FMSP and has one lesson a week, but it just doesn't seem enough to cover everything. He's looking at past papers for the AS level currently and there seems to be lots on the paper that he just doesn't know how to tackle at all. Has anyone else had this issue?

likelyLilac Fri 18-May-18 23:39:03

No experience of FMSP, but I know that most people with maths skill really improve after carefully studying mark schemes. Maths questions often look very different in learning situations to how they do in the exam, your ds may find online exam walk throughs helpful (youtube have plenty) which can help him identify which topics he has yet to cover, there are plenty of online rescoures to help from there. Over all though, my dd (further maths year 13 student) has said that one lesson with a teacher a week seems very difficult, is there any after school revision sessions available?

evenstrangerthings Sat 19-May-18 07:25:49

Is that the old modular syllabus or the new linear maths? The new syllabus for FM has lots of changes, so looking at past papers won't give an accurate representation of what is needed.

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