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What happens during preparation course?

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Anngeree Tue 08-Sep-09 13:04:42

I'm due to start my preparation to foster course in 2 wks, just wondering what things will be covered.I've been told that they'll be experienced foster carers there to talk to us but little else about what goes on.

I'm also starting to get a little nervous about whether i'm making the right decision to foster. They are a lot of reasons why I want to foster one of the main ones being so I can work from home & be there for my own child whose 6 as well as provide for him as i'm a single parent & thus far i've been torn between the two! But now i'm starting to think is it fair on him to have to share his mum, home & toys etc. hmm

preciouslillywhite Thu 15-Oct-09 23:22:15

Anngeree- we're in the very early stages of thinking about fostering. we've talked to the dcs about it, and now I'd like to know what happens during the preparation course!

How did it go? What did it involve?

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