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fostering my grandson

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LucyLu34 Thu 14-Mar-19 13:29:28

Hi, I've recently found myself in a position where i had to remove my grandson from his mums care, at first we believed this was going to be a temporary thing, now it seems it may be long term. After much discussion with various ppl we have decided the best course of action would be to foster him. Has anyone else done this and how did you go about it?

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swizzlestix Mon 08-Apr-19 06:43:37

Bumping this for you as you hadn't had any replies yet.
It's worth joining the Fb group called therapeutic parenting ( there's a picture with hands in a circle as the logo) as there's lots of foster and adoptive parents there in your situation.
Wishing you all the best smile

ApolloandDaphne Mon 08-Apr-19 06:50:24

@LucyLu34. If you have done this with the agreement of the mother on a voluntary basis then you won't be able to foster him. Are SW involved? In our LA this would be termed kinship care and if the child was placed by SW you would be eligible for some form of payment. However if you have decided as a family he should live with you you won't be eligible for money. You would be able to apply for child benefit and any other benefits you are eligible for though.

nervousnelly22 Mon 08-Apr-19 07:01:56

You should register with social care as him being in a private fostering arrangement. I'm not sure but I actually think this is a legal requirement if child is not living with person who has PR.

They can put support in place at school and potentially give fostering allowance to assist you.
It sounds like you're offering him stability from a difficult home situation which is a wonderful thing to be able to do

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