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wrongly accused

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morrilly93 Mon 05-Nov-18 13:43:39

Nearly four weeks ago I took my 4 week old daughter to the gp with a bruise my partner believed he caused pinching her leg in the carseat I panicked after loosing my dad a year earlier to cancer which started with bruising and was misdiagnosed costing him his life .., my daughter was admitted to hospital she under went ct scan xray eye tests and bloods after two nights they found 5 corner fractures around her knees ss stepped in and took her two weeks in care I continued to express milk she under went a second xrsy they found another fracture to her 11th rib if proven this occurred during foster care they will move her to a new home. She's been in care 4 weeks still breast fed via expressing and contact 6 days a week. I KNOW this isn't a non accidental injury I'm 90% sure its not accidental ..., we are looking into medical reasons and fighting to get a private opinion any ideas to get my daughter home and find out what these fractures are ?? That little girl needs her mum & I need

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nokissingonthelips Sun 25-Nov-18 14:40:49

hi morrilly, what a tough time. I have no experience of your situation.
just wanted to check in with how you were doing as you had no replies.
the only advice I would have is to cooperate all the way.
push the medical enquiries and push for a mother and baby placement.
do let us know how you get on

morrilly93 Sun 25-Nov-18 19:53:37

Thank you its life destroying. Asked to go private medical ss be refused my daughter ... 6weeks later still breastfeeding. Ss have finally started assessing family placements.... Refused mother and baby unit ....

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Mooey89 Sun 25-Nov-18 19:59:19

Hi Morrily.
What a stressful time for you.
So did she sustain a further injury in foster care? This for me is what would make me think there could be a medical condition causing bones to break more easily underlying.

I know it’s uncomfortable, and too much to think about but anyone who had unsupervised access to your baby could have caused these if it is not a medical issue.
Sadly, whilst there are absolutely some cases where it could be innocent and a medical issue, there are so so many more that are caused non accidentally.
So I would be showing sS that I was prepared to protect the baby by not allowing access with anyone else who could be a suspect. Ie your partner, grandparents, etc. Anyone who had unsupervised access when the injury’s could have be sustained.

morrilly93 Sun 25-Nov-18 20:39:34

Me & my partner have 2 hours contact 6 days week grandparents also have access the rib fracture is to believed to accured in foster care but radiologist isn't commenting my daughter has never been with anyone alone but me. My partner's only had her while I slept I believe the original fractures if NAI would of caused her to cry... Waking me up which never happened also medically my daughter keeps having odd bruises while in care...

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nokissingonthelips Mon 26-Nov-18 08:59:35

So sorry you are still going through this.
Have you built a good relationship with the foster Carers?
Is contact in their home ?
Have you managed to continue breastfeeding ?
It is appalling that it's not sorted yet with such a young baby, she needs her mum.
Surely they must see the bruising that has happened in care and act on it. It's just madness, a living nightmare.

morrilly93 Mon 26-Nov-18 15:13:42

So second sketal showed first fractures showing no signs..... Living nightmare I'm trying to protect my daughter.

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Studentnurse92 Tue 04-Dec-18 21:04:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hottubhotties Sat 05-Jan-19 18:21:17

How are you doing Op?
Any movement forward?

Sarahandduck18 Sun 27-Jan-19 10:06:14

You should read post this in parenting or legal as this section is for foster carers not usually parents.

There are quite a few threads about social services involvement.

Crazymumof6 Fri 22-Feb-19 07:12:11

Get them to look into hypermobility syndrome or elhers danlos syndrome. Both can cause easy bruising and damage to bones/joints. My dd is 6 and has hypermobility syndrome her joints are over flexible and she bruises at the slightest touch x

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