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Unusual house

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vfs288 Thu 14-May-15 16:53:20

My partner and I want to become foster carers. We live in a Victorian terraced house which I own in my name, and when the house next door came up for sale a few years ago, he bought it in his name - originally as a buy to let. But we decided last year to knock through, and make 1 big house.

Its a decent sized 4 bedroom house now, and we have 2 bathrooms now, and took out 1 of the kitchens, so have lots of space downstairs.

I own number 29 and my partner owns number 31, our driving licences and other ID is registered to the property we own in our own name, so bank statements etc, go through separate letterboxes - so technically, we do not live at the same address. We are unmarried, and have it arranged like this for tax reasons.

We had an initial home meeting with a social worker, who complemented us on our home, we showed her some pictures of the conversion too, but when we explained the 2 front doors and ownership, she seemed to think it could be a problem - not living at the same address as each other!

I know its not an everyday setup, but could this really scupper our chances of becoming foster parents?

wonderpants Thu 14-May-15 17:30:31

So do you have separate utility bills? Separate council tax bills? Presumably for tax reasons, it is to pay less tax than you would living together?
I don't know, I suppose that it could be construed as a lack of commitment not living together as a family, tax dodging?
I don't imagine it is the living arrangements themselves in a knocked through house, rather the lack of transparency- living together, but not technically!
Do you have children? Who would be the foster carer?
You are scrutinised as a foster carer, quite rightly! I think you would have to be able to give reasons for the set up other than tax reasons to be honest!

scarlet5tyger Thu 14-May-15 21:24:55

Are you Helena Bonham Carter? I'm sure she and a Tim Burton used to live next door to each other whilst in a relationship. Seems the ideal solution to me!

SS always say they are looking for foster carers from all walks of life so this should be no different. If a previous criminal record can be worked around, as my LA advertises, then I'm sure two front doors shouldn't cause too much trouble.

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