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Can I be a foster parent??

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oopsadaisyme Tue 03-Dec-13 23:09:27

How does somebody become a foster mum??

lovesmileandlaugh Wed 04-Dec-13 08:05:45

You might get a better answer if you google 'fostering' with the area you live. Ring the local authority and ask for an information pack.

dawdyman Thu 05-Dec-13 11:52:16

in short.. if you have a spare room (that doesn't mean overcrowding the rest of your house) you are over 21, are mentally and physically well and without convictions which suggest you could pose a risk to children... then you tick the first set of criteria...

Joanna522 Sat 14-Dec-13 14:24:24

As my preceders confirmed, providing you are 21 or older, have a spare bedroom and can provide for yourself, why don't you try and enquire with a fostering agency, be honest and tell them what your situation is, what (if any) experience with children you have and see what happens next. This is how my partner and I started! Good luck smile

Tracyhs Sat 11-Jan-14 22:07:54

Fostering Agencies pay better rates and tend to give carers more support.
Depending where you live (kent, Bucks, Herts, west London, middx) try ISP they are great x

Roshbegosh Sun 12-Jan-14 05:31:44

ISPs are not great in that they screw thousands of pounds out of the LAs as profit making middle men.

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